A Change Of Schedule

I was laid off from my job last month because the medical information technology market has slowed way down. As I look for a new "real" job, I am working at a gourmet marker that recently opened. Unfortunately, they have asked me to take over the early shift, working 5:30 am to 2 pm.

I have always been a morning exerciser. There are a bunch of reasons for this- I like to do it while I am fresh; I have a finicky stomach and I can't eat much before I work-out; it puts me in a great mood for the day; and it made sitting at my desk all day more tolerable.

Except now, I am not willing to get up at 3:30 before work so I am trying to transition to working out later in the day.
It just isn't working for me. After being on my feet and running around all day I am exhausted. My stomach is full of weird things that I have tasted all day (I just can't say no when someone in the kitchen asks if I want to taste something!). Plus, I am always stuck working out on my own all the time since the classes at my gym are early in the morning or later at night.

I have never had a problem getting myself to run or go to the gym, but now all I want to do is go home, lay down, and eat!

Have any of you had to make this transition from morning to night? How did you adapt?

For you night workout people- how do you do it??


  1. That sounds like a fun job! What kind of food does the market have?

    Ugh, that sounds rough though - I really struggle with afternoon workouts. I hope you figure it out! :)

    1. They have way too many good things! They make salads and sandwiches to order, have a huge deli case full of prepared salads and meats, and then have 2 amazing pastry chefs. I keep saying I am not going to try anything, but I can't help it. it is all so good!


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