New Day, Same Dilemma

The good news is that we booked the flights for our honeymoon! We leave in February for 3 weeks in New Zealand!

However, the downside to that is that I am back at the point where I have to decide whether or not to continue my 7 continent marathon quest. If I am going to run a marathon in New Zealand, then it is time to start training!

I suffered through a marathon in Antarctica. Can I give up now?
When we originally we thinking about going on our honeymoon this fall, just a couple months after the wedding I had decided for sure that I wasn't ready to run a marathon. I was exhausted from the wedding planning and wedding. I was in the middle of some major career changes. I also would have had to condense my training and I didn't think my body could handle it. But now, it has been a few months and things have settled down. I'm back on the fence. 

I've done 6 marathon in 6 years and have 5 continents done. I am SO close to accomplishing this goal. I have put so much time, effort, and money into it so far. I don't want to give up on it. 

But training for and running a marathon doesn't get easier. I've done all my training and racing alone and always trained during the winter. I am not even a little excited about spending another winter facing the cold and snow alone for hours at a time. Plus, I was so sick and miserable running Tokyo in February. Am I ready for another suffer fest?

do I want to do this to myself again?
Plus, I started scheduling out a tentative training plan yesterday and already noticed how many long runs conflict with other things going on in my life. I don't know if I want to give up things I enjoy for marathon training. 

I read this amazing quote in Kristin Armstrong's blog on Runner's and I haven't stopped thinking about it. 

There is a vast difference between giving up and letting go.

I can't decide if I am giving up too easily on a major life goal. Am I selling myself short? Will I regret this for the rest of my life? Or, am I growing and letting go of something that is no longer serving me. Am I being wise and realizing that my priorities have changed and life is too short put myself through voluntary misery?