Rainy Day

It is a gray, drizzly day in Maine today. Usually, I am all about the sun, but I'm digging the rain today.

First, it got me on the treadmill where I cranked out a great speed session. Normally I'd run in the rain, but I was already at the gym for metabolic conditioning, and I didn't want to get my new shoes wet and dirty. #ocdaboutmyshoes When I am out on the roads, I just settle into a comfortable pace and stay there. But, on the treadmill I constantly vary my speed to keep myself from getting bored. I made up a fun little workout.

The combination of a good run and the rain made me feel like I really deserved a bagel from Scratch. I braved Saturday morning bagel line and grabbed some bagels, cream cheese, and coffee to bring over to my best friend's new apartment as a house warming. There is just something about a rainy day that makes it seem totally justified to sit and linger over bagels and coffee. 

Plus, the rain makes all the other chores I have to do not seem so bad. I didn't mind grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, or studying because it was just nice to be warm and dry inside. Now I am going to go curl up with some tea, my dogs, and a book. 

Happy Saturday!