A Weekend Away

I have this problem where I love Maine so much that I have a hard time leaving it! But, my friends have all come to see me multiple times so I knew it was my turn to go to them. So, I lined up a few visits and headed south.

First stop was in Chelsea, just north of Boston, to see my friend Cheri and her new apartment. I oohed and ahhed over the brand new building and we caught up while she cooked an amazing dinner. We had a roasted fall veggie pizza with a butternut squash base and brownies with caramel apple frosting for dessert. I *may* pick my friends based on their taste in food.

Then I headed south to Cape Cod to see my friend Jen's new house. She and her father built the house themselves! She has been working on it for years and I couldn't wait to see the finished product. It is gorgeous inside, but I didn't realize how amazing the location was until I woke up to this the next morning!

I was so excited the next morning to go for a run with Jen. I always run alone now and couldn't wait to have someone to chat with. It was a perfect fall run- the leaves were colorful, the cranberry bogs were flooded and full, and the marshes were full of birds. Holy moly though, I was working to keep up with Jen. Apparently I've slowed down a lot since college!

After a yummy brunch, we headed out in the kayaks. I usually kayak out in the open ocean where it is rough and windy, so it was a treat to meander more leisurely through the marshes and river. It was so warm and sunny it felt like summer again. 

Having gotten in our exercise for the day, we headed to the New England Dessert Expo in Boston. Given the name (and my love of all things sweet), I had high hopes. Unfortunately, it was not as big or exciting as we hoped (so don't waste you money). But, they did have a giant S'mores bar that was pretty darn amazing.

This morning Jen and I explored a trail near her house. It was a nice change of pace and I could keep up a little bit easier. Then sadly, I said goodbye and hit the road to miss the holiday weekend traffic. the traffic gods were with me and it was smooth sailing all the way home. 

Now I'm happy to be reunited with the hubby and the dogs. 

How was your long weekend?