Sky Diving

This could kill you. Good way to start.
I did something today that I never thought I'd do...... I went skydiving! My sister, Maddy, wanted to go for her 20th birthday. At first I said no way, but that Rory has always wanted to go and said he would go with her. They kept pestering me though and said I would regret it if I didn't go. I realized they were right. I am not a sit and watch person. I hate missing out on an adventure, so I signed up too.

We called Sky Dive New England before we left home to check the weather. They said the forecast was for wind, but to come anyway and they'd try to get us up.

The first thing we had to do was sign a million waivers and watch a movie about all the dangers. This did not make me feel any better.

Then we met up with our tandem instructors, got into our jump suits, and went through some instruction about what to do during the jump.

Before I knew it, we were in the plane. It was a beautiful fall day and the view from the plane was incredible. On one side we could see to the ocean and on the other the White Mountains and Mt. Washington. I, however, was too nervous to pay much attention to the view.

My videographer told me when we reached 4,000 feet. We already seemed so high that I couldn't imagine going up another 10,000 feet!

At 7,000 feet, the door opened and we let 2 solo jumpers out. I was closest to the door so I had a full view of them exiting the plane and falling into the abyss. Watching them fall made me feel sick.

Then we were at 14,000 feet and my instructor was telling me to move towards the door. Maddy and Rory said I looked like I was going to cry.

And then I was falling. It was actually a mercy that my instructor didn't give me more time in the doorway to get nervous and just pulled us out.

In the air, I remembered to arch my back and kick my feet up behind me. Free falling is a very strange sensation. You don't get that "stomach dropping out" feeling you get on a roller coaster, but you can tell that you are moving very fast.

After about 30 seconds I realized I was forgetting to breathe and I started to scream. They told us this was the best way to ensure we were breathing because it forces the air out.

screaming my brains out
My videographer came up and grabbed my hand and I tried to smile for him. It was hard because the air pressure against my face was so intense. It was also freezing!

After 45-60 seconds the instructor deployed the parachute. This is when the intensity of the free fall caught up with me and I felt like I was going to pass out. After a few deep breaths though I relaxed. I loved the time with the parachute. I could look around and enjoy the view and we swooped around playing in the wind.

Before I knew it we were coming in for the landing. I kept my feet up and we landed smoothly. I was so glad to be on the ground and have it over with!

We were lucky we got to go at all today- after we went they ended up calling a wind hold for the rest of the day! I was really impressed with Skydive New England. They were very professional and safe, but also fun. However, I think this was my one skydiving experience for my life. Happy Birthday Maddy!

This is however the best way to set a new mile record- 1 mile in 24 seconds!


  1. Yay! I am excited you did this! Isn't it crazy when you are about to jump out and your body is like "NOPE! NO NO NOPE"! Ha ha ha. Then it's so fun! Super cool you got a video and pics too!


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