And I forgot how to swim

Remember how I went to that swim clinic to prep for the Tri for the Cure? Well apparently it made me forget how to swim....... Or maybe it is the fact that I haven't been in the pool in the 2 weeks since. Either way, when I finally got to the pool today, it totally sucked.

each length felt so.long.
Before the clinic I was comfortably doing the tri distance (325 yds) 3 times with a lap of easy swimming in between as my workout. Today I thought I felt horrible just doing it twice with a rest in the middle. Poo.

I think part of it is that I am working way too hard on my turns and push off trying to implement the tips from the clinic. Arms tight to my ears, hands out in front, push-off before I am turned all the way around, push up well under the surface of the water. My brain can't handle it all at once!!

Combine the brain overload with my horrific allergies and the lack of swimming lately and it was rough. Good thing the race isn't this Saturday or anything......