That Time I Flashed the Lawn Guys

It went from 40, rainy, and windy to sunny and 70 here overnight. Great. Except that it meant I was way too hot running this morning. I'd just grabbed the same clothes I ran in Tuesday (is that gross??) without checking the weather.

I was sweating buckets 10 minutes into my run my long sleeve shirt. So I figured I would do what I NEVER do- run in just my sports bra. The only reason I was willing to consider it is because I was doing and out and back on an off-road wooded trail. I figured I'd leave my shirt by the side of the path and then grab it and put it back on for the last 10 minutes on the main road back home.

So I ditched the shirt and enjoyed a much more comfortable next 20 minutes. The trail ends at a big sports field complex where there is usually no one early on a weekday morning. Today however there was a huge crew of guys mowing the grass. I mean like 35 of them. And they were all totally staring at me. Straight out staring. Haven't they ever seen a girl in a sports bra???

Well when I got home and looked in the mirror before I got in the shower, I saw why. My white sports bra is apparently completely transparent when soaked with sweat. Like so bad that I can't even show you a picture here. Those lawn guys got quite a show.  No wonder they were staring.

I will not be running in a sports bra or doing that particular run again for quite awhile.


  1. Ha ha ha! And this is why I wear a black sports bra... lol. I ran topless one summer in a white one too. I was so annoyed I had it on, as it was the only white bra I have. What were the odds?! LOL


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