Race Fundraising

I am realizing that it is almost June, which means that the Tri for the Cure is coming right up. Which means that I better get on the fundraising. Sigh.

Kiersten Pfeifer Personal Image
I hate fundraising.

I know that that it is for a really good cause, but I still feel bad asking people to support me. I basically feel like I am asking them to pay so I can do something I want to do. Anyone else feel like this? But despite my dislike for raising money for charity, for at least the past 10 years I have done one event a year that has a significant fundraising requirement, so I have developed some strategies.

  •  Limit the number of times you ask people to support you each year so they don't get pledge fatigue. I limit myself to asking people once a year. If I want to do more events that require fundraising, I just pay myself. 
  • Pick causes that have some personal significance to you. If you have a story to go with your request, people are much more likely to want to support you. Last year my Dad had cancer, so doing an event that raised money for cancer seemed natural. 
  • Return the favor. Don't expect people to help you out if you never support them. 
  • Do some research on the organization you are fundraising for and tout the benefits. People want to know where their money is going. The Tri for the Cure benefits the Maine Cancer Foundation. I love that 100% of the money raised for them stays in Maine and they have very low administrative costs, so they money is directed directly towards research, patient support, and cancer screenings 
  • Offer people multiple ways to make a contribution. Send the link to fundraising page to the tech-savy internet addicts, send letters and accept check donations from people who prefer paper transactions, andput a donation jar out at work so co-workers can give a few dollars. 
  • Set up a raffle and give people a chance to win something by making a donation. If you can get local; businesses to donate items, great, if not you can raffle off your personal services (offer to do things like wash cars, clean houses, or even coach them in running, biking, or swimming).

Do you do events that require fundraising? What strategies do you use?

And if you would like to support me in the Tri for the Cure, you can do so here.