A no win situation

I have this situation going on with a close family member that is starting to feel hopeless. It is nothing new, but recently things have come to a head, and it isn't good. The problem is that I have already done everything I am able to do for this person. I am out of options.

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This is a strange, and terrible, feeling for me because I have never found myself in this situation before. In school and now in work, if I work hard enough, I do well. Running is not something that comes easily or naturally to me, but I know that if I put in the work, I can finish the race. There are of course terrible runs and terrible races, but the overall trend is one of progress. That is one of the reasons I think I like working out. I like following a strength plan and being able to lift heavier weights as the weeks go on. I like following a marathon training plan and being able to run farther each week. I like results, I like progress. 

But this is out of my hands. You can't force another person to change. And I don't like feeling helpless.


  1. That is the hardest thing about relationships - learning how to deal with your differences. I hope things get worked out :(

    1. Luckily the situation is not with the BF. Everything is still going amazingly well with him. It is with a family member- so I am really stuck with this person's problems!


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