Accountability Tuesday: Public Shame Edition

So you know what I wanted to do today? Skip accountability Tuesday. Not mention the horrible week I had at all. Let this goal, like so many others before, slowly fade away to the place where dreams go to die.

The whole one small serving of dessert thing? Total failure this week. One night after we went to the new self-serve fro-yo place I came home and ate about 4 brownies after the BF went to work. Sunday we went up to my Mom's where some massive cookie baking for the church sale was in process. I had about 5 s'mores brownies, 5 funfetti cookies and a couple dark chocolate cookies.

I made myself get up early this morning and run 6 miles on tired legs in the pouring rain. I don't know why I have the discipline and motivation to train for marathons, but not to control what I eat. So as tempting it is not to share my failure publicly, I am not going to do it this time.

"Still Time To Change The Road You're On."  quote and map art via Etsy

As a type A personality I tend to be all or nothing. If I don't succeed immediately, I give up. But I can see now how that sabotages me. Eating 2 cookies instead of 1 isn't what I might have aimed for, but eating stopping at 2 is still better than eating 10 cookies. So I will keep the same goal of sticking to one serving, but also recognize that I will slip up. And when I do, I need to forgive myself, stop eating, and move on.