What am I runner or triathlete?

I had the spring and summer of this year all planned out. I started off with a distance running heavy calendar as I trained for the Santiago Marathon in April. I did the Derry 16 miler in January, the 26.2 with Donna (I did the half in Feb), and then Santiago in April. Then I switched over to tri mode doing a lot more cross training and speed work, doing the Tri for the Y in May, several 5ks, and then the Tri for the Cure this weekend.
marathon runner


In past years even when I switched into tri mode for the summer, I continued to do some distance, usually at least one 13+ miler a month. Not this year- I haven't run longer than 10 miles since April. So now I am approaching the last race I signed up for this year and I am wondering what to do with myself.

I will have to start marathon training in late fall for Tokyo in Feb 2014, but I have a big gap in there. Which brings up the fundamental question. What am I? Am I a runner? Am I a triathlete?

I have always identified myself as a runner, but if I am honest I have to admit that I enjoy triathlon more. However, my 7 continent marathon goal is still my primary focus. So I have to ask not just what do I enjoy more, but what will help more me towards that goal? I have 2 different options- a triathlon in September or a half marathon October. Training for the tri will help with speed and I will enter marathon training mentally and physically fresh. Half marathon training however will help me build a strong base for marathon training.

What should I do? What are you race plans for the rest of the fall?