Serial i-pod killer

Tuesday morning I grabbed my i-pod to take on my run only to find something that has become all too familiar in the past year. My i-pod was dead and would not turn on. I charged it all day and still nothing. AGAIN.
water + crack = death

6 times in the last year my 6th gen i-pod just died. Only 1 time was there any water damage. I had dropped my i-pod and it cracked and then I proceeded to run with it in the pouring rain for a week. The rest of the time though, it just stopped turning on. I didn't run in the rain. I didn't do anything. It worked one day and then it didn't. It happened 3 times in 4 weeks, when each i-pod was only a week old!

Am I just a serial killer of electronics or is there something wrong with this i-pod model??

After very unpleasant experiences at the Apple store I wanted nothing more than than to say F you Apple and buy a different mp3 player. BUT, I love i-tunes. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I love how i-tunes automatically downloads new ones, syncs them with my i-pod, and deletes the ones I have listened too.

So, I bought a new one. BUT, I did not get another 6th gen replacement through the Apple store. I bought it at Best Buy and bought the 3 year warranty.

Am I a total sucker for getting another one?

Do you listen to music/podcasts when you run? What device do you use? Did anyone else have problems with the 6th gen i-pod?


  1. My 6th generation iPod is working perfectly. As a matter of fact, I've never had an issue with any of my apple products and I have had 2 iPods, the new iPad and iPad mini and a 4s iPhone. Maybe I'm just lucky.

    I did get a warranty through best buy for my skull candy headphones and it was the best warranty I've ever purchased because they had to be replaced twice already.

    Good luck with the new iPod purchase.


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