Criminal Justice Fitness Test

The BF is a police officer and he has to do a yearly fitness test. He was complaining about it, particularly the run. To see if his complaining is legit, or if he is just being a big baby, I decided to do the test myself as a mini workout this week. Here is is case you want to try too!

1. Maximum Push-up test (untimed)
2. One minute sit-up test
3. 1.5 mile run

There are fairly strict rules for each portion.

 MAXIMUM PUSH-UP TEST (untimed): You will assume the standard position for a push-up. An administrator will place a 3-inch measuring device on the surface directly under your chest. You can not wiggle to get to the UP position. You may rest only in the UP position. If you do not touch the 3-inch measuring device or do not go all the way up, those individual push-ups do not count. If you come out of the plank position or any parts of your body touch the floor other than your hands and feet, the test is over. 

ONE-MINUTE SIT-UP TEST: Your hands will be placed clasped behind your head, fingers are interlocked. A correct sit-up is performed by sitting up until the upper body is perpendicular to the floor. The complete sit-up is finished in the correct “UP” position. If your buttocks come off the floor, your fingers come unclasped, you do not come all the way up to perpendicular or your shoulders do not touch the floor, those individual sit-ups will not count. 

 1.5 MILE RUN: A measured, level course will be used, such as an indoor or outdoor track. Exact distances will be indicated. A monitor will keep record of the distance and time the applicant has completed.

I had no problem completing the test. In fact, I found it pretty easy. That, naturally, didn't make the BF too happy. So he made me try it again, this time with the guys standards. And it was way harder. I made it, but JUST barely, and I was hurting.

Do you think this test is a reasonable test of fitness? Do you think the female standards are too easy? The male standards are too hard?


  1. Right now, I'd definitely struggle with the pushups, but otherwise I think I could do it. Nice job doing the mens test after kicking butt on the female test!

  2. I was reading about similar testing in personal trainer books and thought the women's was WAY too easy. A 14:04 1.5 mile? Come the eff on! The male standards don't seem too hard though. For men.

    1. I thought the push-ups were what was ridiculously easy. You didn't have to go all the way to the floor and only 18 with no time limit!


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