Peak's Island 5 miler 2013

Last weekend I did the Tri for the Cure, a big race with all the frills. This weekend, I did just the opposite, a small bare-bones road race. This is the 5th year in a row that I have done Peak's and I continue to love it. Travelling out to an island on a ferry just makes for such a fun day!

 I enjoyed a quiet traffic free bike ride over the bridge to Portland and to the ferry terminal. We took the 7:45 because my Mom and friend Jocelyn were volunteering, so they needed to be there well in advance of the 10:30 start. I had a long wait before I ran, but it was nice to just chill out, people watch, and look at the ocean. This is a very family oriented, friendly race and it was great to see so many kids!

The first 2 miles of the race are great- it winds around the backside of the island so there is a cool breeze from the open Atlantic and lots of downhill. After mile 2 there is a long slow climb and then my least favorite part. Miles 2.5-4 have us doing a little zig-zagging around on the west side of the island. I hate turning away from the finish! The last mile is in the open sun, so it is hot and long!

I raced hard last weekend and my legs have felt pretty heavy all week, so I didn't have a real time goal. I was hoping for sub 45, but with the heat, I just decided to run without my watch and do what I could. I was thrilled when I neared the finish and saw 42:xx. An 8:28 pace without really pushing too hard?? I will take it!

After I finished, I ran threw the sprinklers a few times to cool off, did some quick stretching, and then headed to the beer tent! There is a free Shipyard beer for all runners and volunteers and we took advantage. Nothing better than a cold Maine beer after a hot race!

After enjoying the beer garden for a bit, I was starving so we headed to the Cockeyed Gull for lunch. There is an optional lobster bake post race, but we chose to do our own thing. We ordered a feast of goodies to share- seaweed salad, a hummus plate, shrimp and pineapple skewers, and an Asian veggie noodle dish and enjoyed our lunch on the deck out over the water.  

After lunch it was beach time. We enjoyed a leisurely pedal to the beach, and then spent a blissful hour swimming and lounging.

This is my absolute favorite type of summer day. A ferry ride, a race, beer, a great lunch, and some beach time. Even though it's just a short ferry ride away from home, I felt like I really got away!