This is getting expensive

I have had so much fun with triathalons this summer that I decided I wanted to do another this season. I searched around for a localish race that wasn't sold out yet and settled on the Maniac Sprint Tri.

It is is early September, so I could still squeeze in a half marathon later in the fall. 

I got through the whole registration and then it came to payment, which is where I stopped. Once you add in the USAT day license and the processing fee, it costs more than $100. 

I don't mind paying that much for a couple big races a year, but I can't really afford to pay that much for a race every month or so. This is just going to be a fun, casual race for me and $106 seems like a lot. 

How much are you willing to pay for a race? Should I sign up anyway?

Also, check out my guest post today over at Hot Bird Running.


  1. I would have paused too! Once a race is over $50, I really think twice about whether or not I will register. It has to be a "big" race, as you said.

    So, what are you going to do?!

    The link to the guest post doesn't work for me :(

    1. Well in my dream world someone from the Maniac would see my post and offer me a free entry, but I doubt that will happen. So maybe I will just do my own little mini tri on my own.

      And I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out!


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