The Most Me version of Me

I went up tp my Mom's on Southport Island for the long holiday weekend and I woke up every morning feeling so happy. I love waking up in the boathouse with the sun streaming in my window, looking out over the harbor to the sound of lobster boats and the bell buoy. As I ran down a shady dirt road one morning, I started thinking about how free and at ease I feel there. I almost feel like a different person.

pretty morning view, even at low tide

I feel like we all have different versions of ourselves. I have the work version of myself, in a suit and heels, focused and professional. I have the city version of myself, in a cute outfit at a fancy bar. I have the athlete version of my self in a tri suit at a race, competitive and intense.

I am all those things. And at different times, I like being them all. But I like being the Maine Island Girl version of myself best of all. I like being barefoot, in cut-off shorts and a tank top, with windblown hair. I like being tanned and salty from being outside all day. I like to stand in the garden and eat sun warmed strawberries from breakfast. I like to wake up early and go out in the kayak in my pajamas as the sun rises.

I like to shock all the tourists standing at the town pier by docking my boat perfectly and then making a flying leap off the boat and onto the dock. I like eating corn on the cob and lobster outside with a huge crowd of friends and family. I like knowing everyone in every car I pass on the island. I like sitting in the boathouse at night and playing guitar and singing with my family.

Do you feel like you have different versions of yourself depending on where you are or who you are with? When do you feel most like yourself?


  1. Definitely. Although in the past year I've been trying to eliminate some versions that I don't feel I need anymore. "Work" me was stressed, unhappy, and uncomfortable. She had to go. When she left, I realized I didn't need to wear makeup or heels anymore and am loving being more my true self all of the time. Honestly, I feel like I am myself all the time now, no matter who I'm with or where I'm at. But I do feel most alive when I'm out in nature, away from the city.

  2. You are brave! I feel like my job is killing me slowly, but I don't have the courage to leave!

  3. Great post! It does relate to what I was thinking! I am most myself in a natural (as in nature, ha ha) setting, too. I don't do the whole dress up or corporate thing. It's just not me! :)


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