Why I Stop Reading a Blog

With the end of my beloved Google Reader and the transition to Bloglovin, I had a chance to review the blogs that I follow. I ended up not adding quite a few to Bloglovin because I realized that I skip the new posts pretty much all the time. So what is the point in having them clutter up my feed?

whomp, whomp....
I started thinking about WHY I wasn't interested in those blogs anymore and I found 3 trends.

1. The blog had changed focus. Bloggers are people and people change. It is natural. They have major life events and find new passions. Sometimes the blog takes on a new focus and it just doesn't interest me as much anymore.

2. The blog has gotten overly commercial. It is basically just about the blogger getting free stuff and doesn't have any real content anymore.

3. The blog has gotten preachy. I don't know if preachy is exactly the right word, but basically I am not a fan if it feels like the blogger is lecturing me all the time or is always trying to teach me something. I don't read blogs primarily as a method of learning or of news. I have other sources for that.

How often do you review the blogs you follow? Why have you stopped following a blog?


  1. I still haven't switched competely to Bloglovin', because I can still read posts through the Blogger Dashboard, but just not all the time on my iPhone. I suppose that would mean I would have time to do other things instead of read blogs all day. Ha ha!

  2. Definitely if a blog has become all about product placements. I actually love to read about new products when they feel relevant, but if it is about food or travel or lotion on a running blog, I hit the unsubscribe button pretty fast.

  3. Definitely all of those - especially the preachy and "how to" blogs. I am always annoyed with non experts acting like... experts.

    I stop following a blog if the person stops interacting with me (or never did).

    Also, if they turn in to a food blog, or diet blog - those are too triggering for me. I skip most food/diet posts on blogs.


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