Disapointed with P90X

I borrowed P90X from my sister on a whim when I was visiting at Christmas and it's been sitting used in my suitcase ever since. But due to the extremely crappy gym at my hotel this week, and the fact that I don't feel safe running in the dark in Eureka (which is pretty sketchy) at 3:30 am, I finally tried it out this morning. I did the Cardio X. And honestly, I didn't feel like it was very hard. It started with yoga and then moved on to some boxing and core. I barely broke a sweat. I was pretty disappointed because I bothered to get up 3:30 to get in a workout before I headed to the hospital for a 13 hour shift where I sit all day. I am surprised because I've heard from so many people how much they love P90X. I'd love to hear what your experiences with it are.