New Year's Resolution Check In

We're almost half way through January already (where does the time go) and I've got to admit, I'm already failing mightily on my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Be more mindful- I have totally regressed to my old habits of watching TV while eating. It's just too quiet and lonely in my house or hotel room. And work this week has been super busy, so I have wolfed down most of my meals at my desk while working. I have at least, done a better job being mindful in meetings and when talking to people.

2.  Get back to my feel great weight- I have been eating like the world is ending. Once you get on the sugar and fat train it's hard to break the cycle. Sunday I was totally thrown for a loop when I heard about my friend's mother passing, as so I turned to ice cream in the airport for comfort. Twice. One in each airport. And then Monday night I left the office late and ran into the grocery store- first thing I saw was a GIANT cupcake on the bakery clearance rack. So I had that, and some brussels sprouts, for dinner.

But I am not giving up, because you can always start again. There is nothing magical about January 1. You can change your life starting any day, at any hour, it is never too late. Yesterday, I ate cleanly (although I ate breakfast and lunch at my desk while working), but managed to savor my dinner. Today, I went to a great Crossfit workout and rather than zoning out to music, I made myself stay in the moment and feel what my body was doing.